Product Management: 5/5

And we’re back for the series finale!

To summarize, here is my 10-point manifesto:

  • Product management is all about compromise: finances, roadmap, R&D, design, technical debt, customers request … You cannot have it all, and even if you do it will not last. So, you better stay on guard
  • Tools and methodologies are two different concepts: Agile is not about just using a scrum tool or having standup meetings
  • Best team management is the horizontal one. Of course, it doesn’t always apply (keep it real). You still can use a bottom-up approach though: let the people decide how they like to work. At least, you’re sure they will give it their 100%. Keep it real though 😉
  • When it’s too hard to decide, it means that you have a risk management situation. It’s always a good practice to focus on the business value. So, for each feature, you need to identify it first. For instance, what I learned from the Galaxy Note 7 fiasco, is that you don’t mix the launch of a flagship product with technical/financial experimentation. Samsung had succeeded this kind of exercise with the use of exynos instead of Qualcom chips but somehow forgot about the basics. Bottom line, people were expecting a kick-ass smartphone, not a kick-ass smartphone with home-made batteries.
  • Long-term planning is rarely efficient. Short-term planning is tempting but eventually lead to short-sighted decision that eventually cost more. So keep it at the middle. Technology business is evolving so fast, that you don’t have the luxury to have certainty about a 5-years plan.
  • Things will always go south. So instead of trying to control everything, prepare yourself for how to manage issues and damage control.
  • Always make room for recovering your technical debt, even a small one.
  • Team efficiency depends on its members involvement.
  • Share info. Involve others department when necessary while keeping in mind the big picture. Dare to ask for help.
  • Design your product for users humans.



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