Go 1.6 is available

Google has released the new version of Golang: 1.6. Here are the major updates:

  • Support of HTTP/2 (https://http2.github.io)
  • Enhancements on the template packages
  • The Experimental support of the vendor directory in 1.5 is now enabled by default. Check this document for more details: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1Bz5-UB7g2uPBdOx-rw5t9MxJwkfpx90cqG9AFL0JAYo/edit
  • The runtime detects and reports concurrent misuse of maps. Don’t forget the prebuilt race detector.
  • Major changes to the rules for sharing pointers between Go and C code (if you’re using cgo).
  • Debugging multiple goroutines is way better (the stack backtrace is more human-friendly now)
  • The sorting algorithm has been optimized to run 10% faster.

For more details, check the golang blog : https://blog.golang.org/go1.6



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