Professional Documents deserve Versioning

Either you’re working alone or with a team, keeping track of your professional documents history is highly recommended.

I discuss in an other post why Latex can be a good choice for document editing. You may want to check it out.

Considering that I have a computer engineering background where versioning is simply vital, I though about combining the power of Latex with a reference versioning tool: Git.

In fact, after explaining this to my colleagues (actually, that wasn’t the hardest part as we are either using Linux or Mac OS), we found that combining the both has allowed many of us to write good-looking documents, in a collaborative mode, while keeping track of the document evolution.

Indeed, thanks to Git conflict management capability, tracking revisions and combining each other ideas, was a way simpler than any other tool I’ve ever used. For that, I recommend also Meld as a mergetool. On the top of it, documents (eg. software architecture, specifications, etc.) can follow your code versions.

So, just consider it for your professional documents: Latex on Git, it’s great, simple, powerful, and FREE!



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